20 Lesson GCSE Hinduism Course [Complete Teaching Materials & Resources ] OCR AQA WJEC


This 20 lesson course is designed for GCSE level students studying Hinduism. It is designed for the new specifications (2016 onwards) and is based on AQA and OCR specs.

It covers all necessary material for the ‘Beliefs, Teachings & Practices’ section (Section A) of the course in relation to HINDUISM.

It is the product of many weeks work: I have aimed to make these resources such that every lesson would receive a good or outstanding rating if inspected.

All lesson downloads include:
-A detailed lesson plan: explaining objectives, differentiation, cross-curricular aims, AfL tasks, and an activity timeline.
-A presentation file designed to the highest professional standard.
-Integrated and varied AfL
-A suggested homework task

Over 15 worksheets are included in this pack.

Downloading this bundle will certainly save you many many hours of preparation time.

Positive reviews are warmly welcomed: I have made this course with pride and hope you will find it comprehensive and useful.


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