Download FREE Classroom Resources for a Lesson on Buddhism, Death & The Afterlife here…

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This lesson has been uploaded as a demo lesson for a 20-lesson GCSE Buddhism Course that can be downloaded here

It is the nineteenth in a series of lessons on Buddhism for GCSE level students for the ‘Beliefs, Teachings & Practices’ section of the course [section A].

The Download (comprising 4 files, within one zip file) includes:
-A PPT Containing a Full Lesson
-A complete lesson plan covering: objectives, key-words, differentiation, and lesson timeline
-An A3 ‘Design a board-game’ template for the main activity
-A ‘Knowledge Hunt’ file for the main activity.
-A Homework Task

The topic of the lesson focusses on the following part of the specification:
Buddhist Beliefs about Death & The Afterlife

-Bardo States (Tibetan Buddhism)
-The 6 Realms & 31 States of Rebirth
-Pure Land Buddhist Views
-Theravada/Mahayana comparisons
-Western Buddhist reinterpretation of reincarnation theory
-Zen Buddhism as ‘Buddhism without beliefs’
You can also find learning mats for GCSE Buddhism here:

A booklet of useful quotations and exam questions here:

A 40 page revision booklet for GCSE Buddhism here:

And a host of other GCSE Buddhism resources we have made here:

We hope that, if you like this free taster lesson, you will consider buying some of our other resources 🙂


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