Buddhism Learning Mats

The Buddhism GCSE/KS3 Learning Mats were created for Religious Studies teachers teaching about Buddhism at GCSE Level (High School Level, for American readers). It may also useful for teachers at KS3 level who are covering Buddhism.

The learning mats contain detailed information about:

-Buddhist Symbols
-The Noble Eightfold Path
-The Five Precepts
-Buddhist Worship
-The Wheel of Life
-The Six Realms of Existence
-Essential Keywords

The second of the three learning mats includes a complete PLC (designed for the OCR B specification, but easily customisable for alternative specifications).

Ideally there mats are laminated and placed on the desks of students. They can be used for:

-Learning activities
-Revision Aids
-Differentiation tools for assessments
-Prompts for exam practice.
-Prompts for discussions and debates
-Knowledge hunt activity resources


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