KS3 Buddhism – 10 Lesson Resource Pack

Created by a Soto Zen Buddhist & specialist Philosophy & Religion teacher, for the teaching of Buddhism at Key-Stage 3.

This 10 lessons course aims to move beyond Tibetan Buddhism alone to help students understand Buddhism as a whole.

Click here to download.

It features a wide array of starters, activities, worksheets, presentations, and plenaries. It contains two assessments. A file is includes ‘List of Videos for Lessons’ referencing YouTube videos associated with this course.

For most teachers this will be the only resource needed for teaching Buddhism at Key-stage 3 and may be of use to GCSE students in learning a comparative religion.

Course contents include lessons on:

-Buddhism as a World Religion
-The Life of The Buddha
-The Four Noble Truths
-The Eightfold Path
-The Three Jewels
-The Three Marks of Existence & ‘Ultimate Truths’
-A lesson about Meditation (with instructions)
-The Life of Buddhist Monks
-Buddhist Attitudes to Money
-Buddhist Views on the Afterlife

The attached image features sample slides and activities from the presentation and hopefully represents the vibrant, professional and clear style it’s creator was aiming for.

“May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful.”

Click here to download the resource!


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