Three Great Resources for Teaching Buddhism in Schools

Introduction to Buddhism (Free)

This resource is a great introduction lesson for students and is offered freely/

Complete GCSE/High School Course (20 Lessons!)

This course has been made specifically for the new OCR B Religious Studies specification (2016 onwards).

It has been designed around the OCR B specification, consequently it is also fully sufficient to teach the AQA specification (and will be useful to teachers teaching on Edexcel, which is slightly different to OCR B/AQA in terms of course contents)

It covers all necessary material for the ‘Beliefs, Teachings & Practices’ section (Section A) of the course in relation to BUDDHISM.

It is the product of many weeks work: I have aimed to make these resources such that every lesson would receive a good or outstanding rating if inspected.

All lesson downloads include:
-A detailed lesson plan: explaining objectives, differentiation, cross-curricular aims, AfL tasks, and an activity timeline.
-A presentation file designed to the highest professional standard.
-Integrated and varied AfL
-A suggested homework task

The course features 15 worksheets, a ‘Buddhist board-game’ template, various ‘knowledge hunt’ activities and also features an IT Suite Lesson. It is designed to be a complete course for the first year of GCSE Religious Studies teaching.

Downloading this bundle will certainly save you many many hours of preparation time: as a practising Buddhist I hope it will allow Religious Studies Teachers to teach the Buddhist component of their chosen GCSE specification.

Positive reviews are warmly welcomed: I have made this course with pride and hope you will find it comprehensive and useful.

“May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful.”

KS3 Buddhism Resource Pack  (£9.99)

This 10 lessons course aims to move beyond Tibetan Buddhism alone to help students understand Buddhism as a whole.

It features a wide array of starters, activities, worksheets, presentations, and plenaries. It contains two assessments. A file is includes ‘List of Videos for Lessons’ referencing YouTube videos associated with this course.

For most teachers this will be the only resource needed for teaching Buddhism at Key-stage 3 and may be of use to GCSE students in learning a comparative religion.

Course contents include lessons on:

-Buddhism as a World Religion
-The Life of The Buddha
-The Four Noble Truths
-The Eightfold Path
-The Three Jewels
-The Three Marks of Existence & ‘Ultimate Truths’
-A lesson about Meditation (with instructions)
-The Life of Buddhist Monks
-Buddhist Attitudes to Money
-Buddhist Views on the Afterlife


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