Designing a Scheme of Work to Teach Buddhism in Schools…

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Our aim was to design a Scheme of Work (SoW) that explains, week by week, what aspect of the OCR B Religious Studies Course needs to be covered when teaching Buddhism.

The new OCR B specification (2016) for Religious Studies asks students to:

  • Study two religions in the ‘Beliefs and teachings & Practices’ section.
  • Study one of those two religions in depth in the ‘Religion, philosophy and ethics in the modern world from a religious perspective ‘ section of the course.

This Scheme of Work outlines a plan, lesson by lesson, on how to achieve these goals in relation to Buddhism.

Creating such resources is very time consuming, but SoWs are essential good practice for any classroom practitioner: a scheme of work provides a clear outline to guide your lesson delivery and contents throughout the entire course.

You can download the scheme of work on our TES Resource Shop:

In short, this scheme of work covers teachers who:

-Want to teach Buddhism as a comparative religion at GCSE level (using the OCR B Specification)
-Want to teach Buddhism as main religion of study for the second part of the OCR B course.
-Want a course-design for a secondary/high-school level unit on Buddhism.

Each lesson will, in time, have resources to accompany them in our shop:

We hope to offer every single lesson on this SoW, allowing any R.S. teacher on the OCR B specification to teach Buddhism throughout the 2-year GCSE course.

The specification that inspired this scheme of work is stated here:


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