The Moral Dilemma Generator

Though it’s not a specifically Buddhist resource, this is an essential resource for any philosophy or religious studies teacher to have up their sleeve!


-P4C (Philosophy for kids)
-Form time activities
-R.S./Philosophy/Citizenship cover lessons
-Debating societies
-Making best use of spare time at the end of lessons

Discussions follow one of four formats, each asking students to move from one side of the room or the other to make their position clear: teachers should then use questioning to foster a debate between students, encouraging them to present reasons for their choice and defend their position.

The formats are:
-“Which is more moral?” (students chose between two options)
-“Agree or disagree?” (where students respond to a presented statement about morality of a moral issue)
-“Who do you save?” (where students need to save one of two people/options, and justify the morality of their decision)
-“Moral or immoral?” (where students cast their judgement on a given action, event or person.

Click below to to have a look:



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