KS3 Buddhism – 10 Lesson Resource Pack

Created by a Soto Zen Buddhist & specialist Philosophy & Religion teacher, for the teaching of Buddhism at Key-Stage 3. This 10 lessons course aims to move beyond Tibetan Buddhism alone to help students understand Buddhism as a whole. Click here to download. It features a wide array of starters, activities, worksheets, presentations, and plenaries….

Our Education Resource Base

Our mission is to create a complete Buddhist course for High School / Secondary School students. We also have a range of resources for KS3, as well as resource for P4C (Philosophy for Children).

The Moral Dilemma Generator

“This is an essential resource for any philosophy or religious studies teacher to have up their sleeve!”


An introduction to our site and our mission: to provide guidance and resources for teachers around the world who wish to share knowledge about Buddhism with their students.